About Us

AFRICA line was created in 1998, inspired by a passion for travel and a belief that dreams should be achieved. We specialize in high standard trips and tailor-made offers focusing on carefully selected travel programs, distinguished accomodation and places off the beaten track. AFRICA line provides authentic experiences and adventures on all continents.

Having our African office in Nairobi, AFRICA line is able to involve itself in many local environmental and social initiatives, e.g. an annual off-road rally, known as Rhino Charge. We are also an active member of the East African Wildlife Society and a partner to AAR Beckamnn Foundation Trust, founded by Maryjka Sapieha-Beckmann, Prince Eustachy Sapieha’ daughter. In addition, a part of the company's revenue is allocated for sponsoring African children’ s education, vaccinations, construction of water supplies or purchase of solar lanterns for the poorest communities.

Our Team

Our skilled and passionate team and tour leaders speak many languages, including English, as there are many foreigners among our clients. We will be more than happy be become you travel consultant.

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